Cruises aren’t just for old people


I am going to break the stigma that cruises are for ‘old people’.

When I told friends that I had just booked my summer holiday on a cruise, their initial reaction was “Why? Cruises are for old people!” I will admit that Lloyd and I were probably the youngest couple onboard the Thomson Island Escape ship back in the summer of 2014 but that really didn’t bother me, especially as I got to wake up somewhere different each day and that is the main reason why I decided to go on a cruise. Every day I would wake up and explore somewhere new. It gave me the opportunity to visit places I wouldn’t normally think of, for example Trieste in Italy, or Bastia in Corsica. I got to see Monaco and Monte Carlo when I was on the Thomson Celebration in 2016, and it was amazing to see but there was no way I’d be able to afford a few days there so a day trip from Villefranche was perfect.

My very first cruise was in 2014 and it was onboard the Island Escape ship, which is no longer in service. I did the Med Adventure itinerary which took me from the start point at Palma, Majorca before heading to Bastia – Corsica, Livorno – Italy where I saw the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, Villefranche – France where I did a day trip to Monaco and Monte Carlo, Toulon – France where I spent the day in St. Tropez and Barcelona – Spain, before heading back to Palma to disembark. At the end of the cruise, we stayed in a hotel in Alcudia for three nights. The main reason why we booked a few extra nights at a hotel at the end of the cruise was in case we didn’t enjoy the cruise, so we’d still have a few days back on land to relax. It turned out that we enjoyed the cruise so much that when we got to the hotel, we were bored of just laying around and we wanted to go out and explore.

Next up was a Cruise and Maritime short break to Antwerp and Amsterdam back in 2015. I picked this cruise up from Tilbury, Essex which is just down the road from me. When we were sailing out, we sailed past Canvey where I saw my mum along the sea wall waving me off! At the time, this cruise was definitely aimed at the older generation with its daytime activities but again, it didn’t bother me. Lloyd and I quite enjoyed joining in with the afternoon bingo when it was raining in Amsterdam!

My last cruise was in 2016, where I embarked the Thomson Celebration for the Croatian Classics itinerary. I did find that there were more younger couples onboard this time; maybe more people are catching wind that cruises are a great way to see new places! I picked this cruise up from Dubrovnik, Croatia before heading to Trieste – Italy, Venice – Italy, Rovinj – Croatia, Hvar – Croatia and Bar – Montenegro. I really enjoyed this cruise, and every place I visited was beautiful.

The three cruises that I have tried out have all been adult only cruises, and the main nationality onboard has all been British. They’re also some of the smaller ships compared to some of the other cruise liners, although it doesn’t feel like it when you’re on there as there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

I really enjoy cruising, regardless of what age group I am sharing the ship with, and I love that every day I am waking up somewhere different.

Read about my Thomson Celebration – Croatian Classics cruise here.

What’s been your experience with cruising? Please leave your comments below.


  1. Laura
    May 14, 2017 / 4:40 am

    Hi Laura, love your blog! I too am an exploring Laura (insta: hoxton_explorer). Thanks so much for your helpful post I am doing this same cruise this summer and found it really useful. I’m hoping to do the skadar lake cruise as I went to Montenegro two years ago but never made it so far south. Do you know what kind of boat they used for the tour? Thanks 🙂

    • lhp297
      May 14, 2017 / 7:03 am

      Thanks Laura 😁 I’m glad you enjoyed it! I really enjoyed this cruise; every place we stopped at was really beautiful – you’ll have a great time! I wish I did the Skadar Lake Cruise 🙈 on their website it says an open sided boat if that helps?! On Facebook there is a closed group called ‘Thomson Celebration’, maybe you can ask on there because everyone on that page is really helpful and someone will probably have pictures from that excursion ☺️ x

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