Tordi Sagar


We stayed in Tordi Sagar for two nights. During this time, we stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Tordi Garh. We were made to feel very welcome in the village, as well as the hotel.


I arrived to Tordi Sagar from Jaipur in a jeep, and the journey took approximately 3 hours through the Rajasthan countryside. Tordi Sagar isn’t your typical tourist destination village, but it made a pleasant break from the chaos of city life. We were welcomed to the hotel, Tordi Garh, with a red bindi in-keeping with Indian tradition and a refreshing drink. After we were shown to our rooms, we met around the table for a traditional lunch and it was delicious.

In the afternoon, the guys from the group played cricket out the front of the hotel with some locals, whilst the girls went for a little walk through the village where we saw some goats and pigs.

Once the guys had finished playing cricket, we all went for a jeep ride through Tordi village and met some of the locals. Seeing how other people live really puts things into perspective and it really makes you appreciate the things we sometimes take for granted; I couldn’t imagine having to walk to the end of the road and pump for fresh water, but in 2018 people are still living like this.

The children in the village were really sweet, and they were really happy to see us.

We then went to Tordi Sagar Dam where we drank copious amounts of Chai Masala, ate biscuits and watched the sunset (oh so British). This was one of my highlights during my trip to India.

We took the jeep back to the hotel where we had a delicious dinner, followed by beautiful Mehndi (henna) tattoos done by a couple of local girls.

In the evening, the group sat around together listening to music, talking and drinking.

The next morning, we had a walk around the area surrounding the hotel and we learnt about its history. The village dates back to the 16th-century and is one of the fiefdoms of the Khangarot Clan-an. It’s the descendants of the founder, Khangar Singh, who own the fort / hotel which we were staying in.

I was amazed by the wedding invites that were beautifully painted onto walls throughout the village. Locals do this as it’s always an open invite for everyone who lives in the village to attend the wedding celebrations.

After we’d finished our walk, we made our way back to the hotel where we picked up our Jeep to take us to Pushkar.

Next up: Pushkar

Did you enjoy the village life in Tordi Sagar as much as I did? Please leave your comments below.

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