Koh Chang


I stayed at Pajamas Koh Chang hostel for 4 nights. I was in a mixed dorm hostel and paid approximately £12.50 per night. A very good breakfast was included in the rate, and this was served at the restaurant next door to the hostel. The hostel offers both dorms and private rooms.

The hostel is a ‘bare foot’ hostel, and therefore you’re required to take your shoes off when you enter. The dorms were very clean, and each bed had it’s down curtain, light and plug sockets. It had a really chilled out vibe, and you could relax around the hostel pool or Klong Prao beach, which was just a couple of minutes’ walk away.


I wanted to end my three week trip to Thailand on a beach. I didn’t want somewhere too lively; just somewhere to relax before coming back home to reality. One of my friends had recommended Koh Chang so I did some research and I liked that it was accessible from Bangkok via bus and ferry.

I booked the bus journey to Koh Chang through my hotel in Bangkok. It cost me 500 baht (approx. £10.00) and was advised that the journey would take about 6 hours. 9 and a half hours later, I finally arrived!

I hadn’t even checked-in when I was being invited out for drinks at Lonely Beach with the other hostel guests! I dumped my rucksack off in my dorm, had a quick shower and met the others just in time for the songtaew to Lonely Beach for a night of partying.

I spent the next couple of days relaxing on Klong Prao beach, just a short walk from the hostel. The beach had a nice selection of restaurants along it, as well as places offering massages. I had an Aloe Vera massage to help with my sunburn. The beach was so peaceful, and it was the perfect end to my first solo trip.

I also booked a half day boat trip through the hostel, and went along with a couple of other solo travellers from the hostel.

In the evenings, I watched the sunsets along Klong Prao beach and had dinner at local restaurants with the other hostel guests.

Did you enjoy Koh Chang? Please leave any comments below.

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