Koh Chang {2016}

I wanted to end my three week trip to Thailand on a beach somewhere. I didn’t want somewhere too lively, just somewhere to relax before coming back home to reality. One of my friends recommended Koh Chang so I looked it up and liked what I saw. I also liked the fact that it was accessible via bus and ferry, rather than having to fly.

I booked the bus journey to Koh Chang through the hotel I stayed in when I was in Bangkok. It cost me 500 THB (approx. £10). I was advised that it would take 6 hours from Bangkok to Koh Chang… 9 and a half hours later, I finally arrived!


9 and a half hour bus journey from Bangkok to Koh Chang


Centrepoint Ferry from Laem Ngop to Koh Chang

I stayed in a really cool hostel called Pajamas Koh Chang which is located along Klong Prao Beach. Pajamas offer both dormitories and private rooms. I paid 2,200 THB (approx. £50 = £12.50 per night) for 4 nights in a mixed dorm, this rate also included a very nice breakfast at the restaurant next door to the hostel. I would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Koh Chang!


Pajamas Koh Chang

I hadn’t even checked-in before I was being invited out to Lonely Beach with the other people staying at the hostel! I quickly dumped my rucksack off in my dorm, had a quick shower and met the others in time for the songtaew to Lonely Beach for a night of partying!


Pajamas crew!

I spent the next day chilling on the beach just a couple of minutes walk from the hostel. It was so peaceful; just what I wanted!


Klong Prao Beach


Koh Chang

In the evening, I went to watch the sunset along Klong Prao Beach and had dinner at a local restaurant with the others from the hostel.


Laura loves a sunset