Koh Samui {2015}

Koh Samui was a bit of a disaster for us! Our flight from Chiang Mai got cancelled because of the smoke from Indonesia’s forest fires blowing across thus creating poor visability. The only option we had was to buy additional flights from Chiang Mai to Phuket and then Phuket to Koh Samui which we went ahead with, but our flight from Phuket then got delayed so we literally spent the whole day travelling/sitting in the Burger King at Phuket Airport using their free Wi-Fi. When we eventually made it to Koh Samui, it rained and rained! We got a mini bus to our hotel in Boput and checked into a lovely little bungalow next to the beach. It was called Peace Resort Koh Samui. The rain completely spoiled it for us though! We were really looking forward to spending a couple of days on one of those stereotypical Thai beaches you see in the holiday brochures chilling out. Instead we spent the one whole day we had in Koh Samui sitting under the shelter around the hotel pool waiting for the rain to stop. In between showers, we dashed into the sea and pool for a quick swim. I was cautious of swimming in the sea after heavy rainfall due to the jellyfish but luckily we didnt see any!

In the evening the rain had started to clear up and so we took a walk along the beach to the night market in Bophut for a browse. We then jumped in a songthaew to take us to Chaweng Beach which is apparently the place to be in Koh Samui! It started to rain, again, and when I say rain I mean absolutely TIP it down! So we grabbed some dinner in a restaurant a long the beach and got a songthaew back to our hotel. In the morning we got a ferry across to Koh Phangan!

There’s so much that I wanted to do in Koh Samui but the rain really ruined our potential plans. If I was to ever go back to Koh Samui, I’d love to visit Ang Thong National Marine Park, some waterfalls, Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple) and the famous rocks Hin Ta and Hin Yai! The Secret Buddha Garden also looks really cool!


Lucy & I under umbrellas on the beach!


A quick swim in the sea when the rain stopped!


Bophut Night Market

Next stop: Koh Phangan