Pai {2016}

I took a minibus from Chiang Mai to Pai with the two girls I had met at Elephant Nature Park. It’s true what they say – there are 726 bends to endure in about a 4 hour drive so take some motion sickness tablets with you if you get travel sickness!


726 bends from Chiang Mai to Pai

Pai is an idyllic hippie town offering loads of natural attractions to explore!

Natalie and Laurel had already pre-booked their accomodation before they travelled to Thailand and because I was tagging along with them, I wanted to stay in the same accomodation so I checked-in to Ming Guesthouse which was about £15 a night for a deluxe double room with a balcony and air con! It was quite nice not sharing a room with others in a hostel, I didn’t have to worry about being quiet and creeping in when people are sleeping!


My room at Ming Guesthouse

We had a quick nap and walked down to the main street where the nightmarket takes place to grab some dinner and drink some cocktails!

We spent the three evenings we had in Pai at Yellow Sun Bar! One of the bar staff had a crush on Natalie so he gave us all free drinks = happy Laura!

On our first full day in Pai we booked a trip from one of the local tour operators to take us to Lod Caves, some hot springs and Pai Canyon for sunset. The trip pretty much covered everything I wanted to see and do in Pai so I probably didn’t need two whole days there, but it came in handy because it meant that it wasnt so full on in Pai; I actually had time to chill out, and spend a day recovering from a hangover from the previous nights free cocktails!

We started the day at Tham Lod Cave. The 1,666 meter long cave is about forty minutes away from Pai, in Soppong. We embarked on a bamboo raft through the cave. Bats hung above us and massive fish swam below us!


Lod Cave


Lod Cave

Lunch was included in the trip which we ate at the caves before leaving for the hot springs.


Natural Hot Springs

The hot springs was full of locals. We had free time to swim, which I did, but I only had a bikini with me so I felt a little disrespectful amongst the locals! I’d recommend you take a t-shirt to put on over the top of your swimwear.


Next, we stopped off at another spring to swim in. This time, I didn’t swim, but instead chilled by the waters edge watching the Thai children play together.


Our final stop on our trip was to Pai Canyon for the sunset. This was top on my list of things to do in Pai and it certainly didn’t disappoint.


Pai Canyon


Pai Canyon


Sunset at Pai Canyon

We got dropped back off at Ming Guesthouse and spent the evening browsing the nightmarket, had dinner and had drinks in our favourite bar!


More drinks!

The next day, our last full day in Pai, we spent chilling out. We had brunch at Puripai Cafe which sold really nice food and drinks and provided you with colouring books and colouring pencils! I was in my element.


Puripai Cafe

I got myself a hair braid and Natalie got herself a dreadlock! At the nightmarket I purchased a dreamcatcher for my bedroom back home. In the evening we all got henna tattoos; I’d never had a henna tattoo before!


My pretty henna tattoo!

The next morning, I was back on the road! I got a minibus back from Pai to Chiang Mai and a flight to Bangkok!


Next stop: Bangkok