Koh Phangan


I stayed at the Buri Beach Resort for three nights, although I had to book a minimum of 5 nights because of the upcoming Full Moon Party.

This was our least favourite hotel in Thailand; it was the only hotel that didn’t provide us with complimentary bath robes and slippers! But it was still clean-ish.

Hotel room at Buri Beach Resort

The hotel has its own swimming pool which leads out onto a quiet beach.

Hotel swimming pool


Like most tourists flocking to Koh Phangan, I was only really there for the Full Moon Party. For some reason, the date of the Full Moon changed to a day later?! Which meant the plans I had to visit Koh Tao fell through, but because I had to book a minimum of 5 nights at Buri Beach Resort, I still had somewhere to stay.

We arrived from Koh Samui by boat and spent the rest of the day either sheltered from the rain, or out round by the hotel’s swimming pool. Dinner was at The Rock Bar & Restaurant located along Haad Rin beach, as it was every night!

The next day, the day of the Full Moon Party, Lucy and I explored the nearby area by foot and walked down to Haad Rin beach where we got out t-shirts for the night ahead. I even got myself a hair braid!

Haad Rin Beach

Lucy had seen a really picturesque private hotel beach on Instagram that she wanted to find, so after a bit of Googling we eventually found it, and it did look as beautiful as it did in the photos! The hotel was called Cocohut Village, and it looked like a nice place to stay. No-one questioned if we were hotel guests or not – luckily! So we spent the day relaxing on the beach and taking photos on the swings that hung from the palm trees overlooking the beach. Paradise. Despite the sky looking very angry, the rain held off.

In the evening, we walked down to Haad Rin beach for the Full Moon Party. It was crazy to see the contrast of what was earlier a peaceful beach, now turned into a massive party with little stands selling buckets of alcohol, loud music and hoops of fire for people to jump through lined up on the beach. Lucy and I decided not to drink alcohol that night – I know, we are crazy! So we had our buckets filled with Sprite and Fanta. It was quite interesting to watch everyone high on love/alcohol/drugs! We didn’t stay too late as we’d booked a day trip the following day.

As we had more time than anticipated on Koh Phangan, we took a boat trip to Koh Nang Yuan and it was absolutely stunning. We trekked to the top for an amazing look-out over the island – it was well worth the tiring walk up there! The waters surrounding Koh Nang Yuan are crystal clear which is great for snorkeling. I really recommend a trip here if you get the time.

I only got to spend a short time on Koh Phangan, and I was too scared to hire a moped! But I have heard the island has some really lovely beaches.

Up next: Krabi

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